NASA ROSES-2024: New NASA Disasters Funded Research Opportunities

The NASA Disasters program seeks proposals for projects that expand the development and application of tools and capacities in the use of Earth science information for supporting decisions related to disaster risk reduction, recovery, or resilience. Proposals are required to address the linkages between natural or human-made hazards, exposure to these hazards, and the vulnerability of communities to these hazards for improved disaster management.

These projects must demonstrate tangible benefits to one or more partners, improved outcomes in the actions of the partner from using Earth observations in their decision-making process, and/or measurable improvements in the lives and livelihoods that their decisions affect

You can now submit your proposals to the NASA ROSES-2024 Solicitation "A.42 Earth Action: Disaster Risk Reduction, Recovery, and Resilience".

A notice of Intent to propose is due by March 28, 2024.
The proposal is due on June 14, 2024.

Please find more information on NASA Disasters' website.

NASA Funded Research ROSES