ICT for Disaster Response

Indepth Research Services (IRES)

Mon, 28 Sep - Fri, 2 Oct 2015

This five (5) days training course explores how new information-, communication- and mapping technologies can be practically used to respond to disasters, augment situational awareness, improve relief coordination and much more. This course looks at a variety of real world examples from organizations working in the field and analyzes some of the key challenges related to access, implementation, scale, and verification that these new technologies can present. 

Some of the objectives of the training are: manage specific software platforms and utilize various technological tools for responding to and managing crises; design dynamic and effective strategies for using technology platforms and tools to respond to challenges in the field; and develop confidence and critical self-awareness in working with social media, maps, and mobile technologies. 

The course is designed to assist professionals in developing concrete strategies and technological skills to work amid this rapidly evolving landscape.
IRES Training Centre, Njema Court, R2 Rhapta Road