Kazakhstan Regional Support Office

The Joint-Stock Company National Center of Space Research and Technology (NCSRT) in Kazakhstan has experience with monitoring of various disasters and emergency situations using space-based information. NCSRT has developed technologies in the field of remote sensing and Earth Observation and has international capacity-building experience. NCSRT’s experience with disasters and emergency situations include the monitoring of floods, drought, accidents in oil fields and oil pipelines, forest and steppe fire outbreaks, but also with the use of radar interferometry to study the dynamics of deformation processes of the earth's surface, buildings and structures (see: https://spaceres.kz/en/napravleniya-issledovanii-eng/environmental-monitoring/; http://igmass.kz/index.php/en/home/about-en/; http://igmass.kz/index.php/en/fire-monitoring/)


NCSRT conducts fundamental and applied research in the following areas:

  • Monitoring of disasters
  • Monitoring of geodynamic and geophysical processe
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Aerial monitoring (UAV)
  • Space weather
  • Solar-terrestrial relations
  • Astrophysical research
  • Space engineering
  • Scientific programs of Kazakhstan cosmonauts
  • Space materials
  • Advanced training and retraining of specialists in the space science.

For more information on the host institution, visit: https://spaceres.kz/en/

NCSRT has developed technologies in the field of remote sensing, Earth Observation and corresponding training workshops. NCSRT has experience in organizing various short courses to improve the qualifications of specialists of KazCosmos subordinate enterprises. NCSRT signed various agreements with leading universities of Kazakhstan, for which it annually invites students, undergraduates and doctoral students to conduct internships at NCSRT. NCSRT can offer training workshops on the processing of remote sensing data including remote sensing methods, statistical analysis of data, the use of RS software packages like ENVI SARScape, ERDAS and GAMMA.

NCSRT has access to images of the Kazakhstan’s satellites KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2 with high and medium resolution. The National Center for Space Research and Technology is the principal center for space-related research in Central Asia.