Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE)

With 75 years of history, the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE) is the center of the oldest Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) of Aragon and one of the oldest in Spain. The main objective of the IPE is to understand how terrestrial ecosystems function and are organized by investigating the impacts that occur in them as a result of Global Change, that is, the influence of climate variability and human activities at different spatial scales and temporary

The IPE was founded in 1942, in Jaca, as a support station for researchers interested in the Pyrenees. In 1984, it merged with the Pyrenean Center of Experimental Biology to give place to the current Pyrenean Institute of Ecology and since 1990, it has a headquarters in Zaragoza.

Throughout its history, the IPE has worked in more than 50 countries, including tropical regions, mountains and deserts in Africa, Asia and the Americas, Mediterranean, Alpine and Arctic climates. Today, it is the only research institute in Aragon focused on environmental aspects and its numerous studies on current and past climate, as well as conservation and restoration of nature, are essential to help society to develop sustainable management policies of our Planet.