Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems/ George Mason University (CSISS-GMU)

"The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems" (CSISS) is an interdisciplinary research centre chartered by the provost, and affiliated with the College of Science at George Mason University. CSISS currently operates the "Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards: (LAITS). CSISS is a member of the National Committee on Information Technology Standards Technical Committee L1, as well as the Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

CSISS's Misson:

  • To conduct world-class research in spatial information science and system;
  • To provide state of the art research training to post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. and Master students in the field.

CSISS Research Focus:

  • Theory and methodology of spatial information science;
  • Standards and Interoperability of spatial data, information, knowledge and systems;
  • Architecture and prototype of widely distributed large spatial information systems, such as NSDI, GSDI, and GEOSS, as well as service-based spatial knowledge and decision-making systems;
  • Exploration of new information technologies that have potential applications in Spatial Information Science (SIS);
  • The applications of SIS in the society sectors having either national interests or major commercial values, such as renewable energy, location-based mobile services, intelligent transportation, and homeland security.