UN-SPIDER Newsletter July 2007

                                                  UNSPIDER NEWSLETTER July 2007

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  • The United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) held its historical 50th session, from 6 to 15 June in Vienna, Austria, approving new space debris mitigation guidelines, agreeing on a draft resolution on the practice of States and international organizations in registering space objects to be submitted to the General Assembly, and approving a workplan for the United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UNSPIDER).
  • DI-06-09 - Virtual Constellation for Risk Management - User Group - Working Meeting - 13 June 2007, Vienna, Austria.
  • GMOSS 36-month Integration Meeting – 16 – 17 April 2007 – The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • The 3rd International Symposium on Geoinformation for Disaster Management (GI4DM) in Toronto, Canada - 23-25 May 2007.
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) - Annual Stakeholders Meeting in Schloss Seggau, Austria - 24-25 April 2007.
  • Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2007:Working Together for a Safer World (ACDR 2007) 25-27 June 2007, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • 2007 Outreach Activities "United Nations International UN-SPIDER Workshop: Space-based Information and Solutions for Disaster Management and Emergency Response".
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