Spanish Translation of Two Recommended Practices on Flood Mapping

UN-SPIDER is pleased to announce the official translation of two Recommended Practices previously available on the English version of the Knowledge Portal. These Recommended Practices on flood mapping can be found in the Spanish version of the Knowledge Portal, under "Asesoría" > "Prácticas Recomendadas". These Recommended Practices or step-by-step procedures describe the procedures used to download, pre-process and process satellite imagery to generate maps that can be used for hazard estimation, in early warning systems or in disaster response and recovery activities.

UN-SPIDER would therefore like to thank the Space Research Institute Ukraine (NASU-SSAU), UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office, for the development of the Recommended Practice: Radar-based Flood Mapping. UN-SPIDER would also like to thank the Mexican Space Agency for its support in the translation of this Recommended Practice into Spanish.

Likewise, UN-SPIDER would like to thank the Faculty of Languages of the University of Cordoba in Argentina, for the support provided in the translation into Spanish of the Recommended Practice: Flood Mapping and Damage Assessment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data in Google Earth Engine, developed by the UN-SPIDER office.