Sudan - Institutional Strengthening Mission

This Institutional Strengthening Mission included a training course aimed to raise awareness of decisionmakers and local staff of the benefits of space-based information for disaster management and further aimed to increase the capacities of the institutions' staff to use space-based technology for disaster management. It took place from 5 May to 9 May 2013.


Sudanese Remote Sensing Authority (RSA)

The training course, which was part of the Institutional Strengthening Mission, was kicked off with a one-day awareness-raising workshop on 5 May 2013 and was followed by a four-day training course. Over 120 participants from the government, NGOs, academia, United Nations organizations and private companies in Sudan participated in the first day’s workshop. About 20 participants from the Remote Sensing Authority, the Meteorological Service, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Sudan and the national UNDP and WFP Offices attended the subsequent training course.